Welcome to Zara’s Spa & Hair Studio…

How many times have you put off that break away from your busy schedule because you ‘haven’t got time’? Urban life can bring with it all kinds of pressures, and we all need a release.

Zara’s Spa and Hair Studio is an oasis of calm amongst the bustle of Downtown Toronto. Whether you need to indulge yourself for a few hours in the full range of hair and beauty treatments, or a little lunch hour pampering, it’s perfect.

Whether you’re a busy mum, a time-starved office worker, or a student simply looking for great value for money, Zara’s Spa & Hair Studio offers a top of the range professional hairstyling and Spa services without the hefty price tag (our professional cut starts from only $20)  
Providing luxury treatments while adhering to client’s busy schedules is our goal.Expert cutting and styling techniques are simply part of our hair salon staff vocabulary!

At Zara’s Spa and Hair Studio we’re dedicated to being a little different by combining fun, flair and an easygoing atmosphere with first class service, high quality products (Moroccan oil, American Crew, Etc) and little luxuries that delight.
Edgy, urban, real.